Waterfront Creation and Transformation
for Economic Development

Over the last 20-40 years cities
have discovered that revitalized or created waterfronts have proven
to be an excellent engine for
economic development.

People are naturally drawn to waterfronts for the aesthetic value, recreational opportunities, transport
and sightseeing.  Development needs people and vice versa.  Many waterfronts which have been allowed to disintegrate have been restored and become meaningful real estate opportunities.  Cities without waterfront have resorted to creating man-made waterways to create valuable property.  
Although riverfront development is a fairly recent trend in the US, it has been an integral part of many European economies for a lot longer. Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Charleston, Savanah, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle are examples of reclaimed commercial waterfronts that have become some of the most valuable properties in the city.
San Antonio, The Woodlands and Oklahoma City are the best examples of man-made waterways that are now the centerpieces of extraordinary development. Richmond, Kansas City, Las Colinas, TX and Tempe, AZ are examples of failed attempts at man-made waterfront.  
So what is the difference?  There are a number of
factors, some obvious, some not so easy to see.  Is it a good plan to start with?  Is the funding sufficient?  
Are the stakeholders engaged?  Is the site workable?  Demand?  Public buy in?  Are the right people in charge who can make it happen?
In our experience, the level of expertise brought to bear in addressing all of these factors is the most critical element.  The mistakes made at the beginning of such a major task, which really have no blueprint, dictate the time frame that is likely to transpire before success is achieved.  We have all seen major undertakings that take so long to happen, with so many parties coming and going,that most people lose sight of the original reason why the venture ever began. Like most things, getting it right the first time insures the success and popularity of the project, and is crucial to economic viability.
We can help you achieve your goals.  Over the last 27 years and more, Bob Bekoff has been deeply immersed in this area.  As a boat builder, operator, promotor, and consultant Bob has an extensive resume in waterfront projects.  He has worked with private developers, local, state and Federal agencies. He has put together a team of people who augment his experience in their own specialized areas from feasibility to design to government funding.  He is familiar with developing events and marketing plans
to boast the likelihood of success.  
We invite you to ask us onboard
at the outset of your project to help insure your success.
The Woodlands, TX
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