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Bob Bekoff Consulting is uniquely qualified and fully capable of providing projects that integrate the following components:

  1. Feasibility studies and reports
  2. Analysis of existing plans and schemes
  3. System design
  4. Alternate routes
  5. Phasing
  6. Capital requirements
  7. Vessel design and specifications
  8. Transit schedules
  9. Electronic Ticketing and Passenger Access Systems
  10. Shoreside facilities design and specifications
  11. Design of special loading and unloading components
  12. Operational requirements and costs
  13. Crewing and maintenance personnel levels
  14. Natural resource protection and other environmental issues
  15. Navigational issues
  16. Hiring and personnel management
  17. Maintenance schedules for vessels and facilities
  18. Design of all operational details
  19. Governmental safety requirements and ADA
  20. Construction of vessels
  21. Construction services
  22. Advertising opportunities and cost offsets
  23. Educational opportunities and tie-ins
  24. Commuter connections and grant qualification
  25. Public/Private partnership opportunities
  26. Tourist attraction/business expansion/business retention
  27. Tour operator development
  28. Promotional programs
  29. Assistance with permitting
  30. Assistance with grant funding
  31. Contract negotiations related to construction and operations
  32. Use of alternate fuels: CNG, electric and bio-diesel

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