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    Welcome to Bob Bekoff, LLC

    Bob Bekoff, LLC offers two products under one roof; boat building and consulting dedicated to water taxis, ferries, and dive boats, glass bottom boats and snorkeling boat operations. Bob Bekoff, LLC has over 20 years experience in marine transportation system projects as a boat builder, consultant and operator.

    Our monohull boat designs include water taxis, tour boats and dive / snorkel boats with flexible sizing and power options.  Catamaran water taxi and ferry boat designs include lengths 45' to 60' and beams 14' to 24'.  All boat designs offer flexible sizing, power options and service speeds, seating options and configurations, low wake wash, color and interior options, enclosures and finishes.  Contact Bob Bekoff, LLC today to discuss your boat design needs.


    For new vessel construction, retrofit, or redesign, Bob Bekoff, LLC has the experience and the designs for monohull and catamaran boats; water taxis, ferries, commercial, tour boats, snorkel and/or scuba diving boats, passenger ferry, water bus, or live aboard / dive boats. 

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    Our consulting services include design, marketing, financial operations, location selection, regulatory compliance, insurance, working with local governments, as well as state and federal grant processes.  Projects to revitalize waterfronts, intermodal links, and custom designed vessels, and water taxi and ferry systems are of utmost interest.  Visit About Us to meet our team and view a partial list of our Projects to learn about our boat building and water taxi & ferry consulting experience.

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