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    Bob Bekoff, LLC New Projects

    • Winthrop, MA
      Sister companies designed and built a 75 passenger all weather low wake catamaran to be used as a commuter ferry to downtown boston.

    • Fayetteville, GA
      Met with the City and other stake-holders to discuss the feasibility of a canal to be constructed as the focal point of an economic development center in this up-and-coming-suburban community. Visited the proposed site and surrounding developments.

    • Manila, Philippines
      Preliminary visit to explore the feasibility of a mass transit ferry.

    • Florida, USA
      Designing a luxury tour boat for a South Florida operator.

    • Miami, Florida USA
      Involved in a study of water borne transit and advising a business/government ad hoc committee on the implementation of water taxi service on the Miami River.

    Bob Bekoff, LLC Completed Projects

    • Oklahoma City, USA
      Design contract with a sister company to build electric tour boats at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

    • California, USA
      Working with a major national attraction and six hoteliers in California that are interested in waterborne transportation.

    • Bermuda
      Advising to and consulting a low wake fast ferry for an upscale Bermuda hotel and resort.

    • Glass Bottom Excursion Boat
      Design and build a 42' glass bottom excursion boat for a world-wide cruise line for shore excursions.

    • Lagos, Nigeria
      Designed a water taxi for urban service and have advised the potential operator about day to day functions.

    • Winthrop, MA
      Designed a 99 passenger low wake ferry for possible employment for commuter service to Boston.

    • Various
      Designed a tour boat for a major US zoo based on the look of the "African Queen"

    • Chicago Illinois, USA
      A "windy city" operator was provided with a unique Water Taxi / excursion boat designed and built to our recommended specifications by our boat building affiliate.

    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
      From concept through seven day a week operation, Bob Bekoff, LLC provided an on-demand, shared water taxi operation consisting of 16 vessels over 168 miles of waterways.  Also supplied were operational and maintenance facilities, as well as business and marketing plans.

    • Hollywood, Florida USA
      Provided a turnkey educational, environmental boat tour operation in a critical wildlife habitat under contract to county government.  The super quiet, low wash vessels interpretive narration and crew are provided by our affiliated companies.

    • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
      Municipal government created a canal to aid redevelopment of a downtown area.  WET Consulting was successful in producing a turnkey fleet of water taxi / excursion / dinner vessels in record time.  Developed a unique public-private partnership to operate the system on a long term basis.

    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
      The worlds largest in-the-water boat show relies on our special events transportation service to deliver attendees by water.  Averages over 10,000 passengers per day.

    • Regal Princess Cruise Ship
      Passenger shore vessels were designed to our recommended specifications and constructed for this unique Caribbean service by our boat building affiliate.

    • New York, New York USA
      Established a cross-Hudson commuter ferry system connecting to existing bus service, parking, and light rail.

    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
      Participated with traffic consultants to provide high speed - low wash ferry service to relieve beach traffic congestion by utilizing parking structures on the mainland.

    • Broward County, Florida USA
      Utilizing a multi-million dollar federal grant, created a private/public partnership with mass transit division to provide the water transportation portion of a new multi-modal passenger service in a heavily congested area.

    • World Wide
      Participated in the charter, purchase, modification, sale and construction of small to medium-sized passenger ferry vessels.

    • Punta La Paz, Baja, California
      Designed a ferry and water taxi service to transport electric cars, carts and passengers between the mainland and new resort community.

    • Ticketing
      Developed and implemented a fully integrated wireless ticketing system for water taxi and ferry systems utilizing desktop and hand-held devices as well as ticket vending machines.

    • The Woodlands, Texas USA
      Contracted to design, build and operate a fleet of electric powered, 50-passenger water taxis for the Brazos Transit District.  The Woodlands Waterway is a unique transit corridor in a new urban center.

    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
      Launch "Ride The Ducks" attraction with amphibious vessels as the newest family oriented attraction in the destination.

    • Washington, DC
      Constructed a 149 passenger catamaran for a Virginia operator for service in the Washington, DC market.

    • Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
      Implemented a multi-modal weekly service from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Beach, which incorporates the Miami Beach Transportation Management Association's electric trolley circulator.

    • Touch Screen Ticketing
      Ticketing system major update in Oklahoma City from tablet to touch screen PC.

    • Ticket Vending Machines
      Integrating free-standing ticket vending machines with the wireless ticketing system including resident web sites for advertising and access points for data transmission.

    • Miami, Florida USA
      Created a charter boat operation to serve the varied shoreline destinations surrounding Biscayne Bay.

    • Newport, Rhode Island USA
      Part of the Parsons Brinkerhoff team developing a waterborne transit service study for the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and the City of Newport, Rhode Island.

    • Monterrey, Mexico
      Reviewed the specifications for 16 new boats to be constructed, laid out the marina with utilities, made suggestions for a maintenance facility, and trained 6 operators at the Bricktown Water Taxi facility.  Supplied a format for an employee manual and maintenance procedures.

    • Wilmington, North Carolina USA
      Built a 46' low wake catamaran for Wilmington Water Tours in Wilmington, NC.

    • Winthrop, MA USA
      Co-authored a report to the Town of Winthrop, MA detailing the economic feasibility and vessel specifications for a commuter ferry service to Boston.

    • Winthrop, MA USA
      Participated in the development through to delivery of a new commuter ferry to the town of Winthrop.

    • Fall River, MA, Newport, RI and Block Island USA
      Participated in a successful project and study to analyze the feasibility of high speed ferry service linking Fall River, MA, Newport, RI and Block Island. Service implemented with great success in 2015.

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