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    About Bob Bekoff, LLC

    Bob Bekoff, LLC is an organization comprised of very talented individuals, each possessing a lifetime of successful experience in overlapping areas of the entire maritime and transit fields.

    These individuals have associated themselves for the purpose of serving governmental subdivisions, agencies, developers, system operators and individuals in their endeavors to provide marine passenger transportation and entertainment systems that are successful and cost-efficient.

    Robert D. Bekoff

    Since founding Water Taxi in 1988, Bob has been involved in the expansion of the service from three to thirty boats and from one city to four. Bob has acted in an advisory/consulting role in the water taxi, ferry, and excursion boat industry to over 20 locations. He has also been a featured speaker to the Passenger Vessel Association National Maritrends Convention and six times at the International Marine Log Magazine Ferry’s Conference.  He has been involved in the construction of over 50 passenger boats in his own shop or with other builders.  Design, marketing, financial operations, location selection, regulatory compliance, and insurance are all included in Bob’s area of expertise. In addition he has worked with local governments, state and federal agencies to secure funding grants.  All facets of water transit and waterfront development such as intermodal links, custom designed vessels, and water taxi/ferry systems are of the utmost interest.

    Francis X. Mahady
    Principal, FXM Associates

    Examples of waterfront project assignments over the past five years include:

    • Newport, RI Harbor Water Shuttle Study

    • Water Transportation Advisory Services, Winthrop, MA

    • Feasibility Study for Commuter Ferry, Plymouth, MA

    • Fort Point Channel, Boston, Watersheet Activation Plan

    • Fan Pier, Boston, Marine Transportation Services Dept.

    • Passenger Ferry Feasibility Study and Operating Plan, MA

    • Chesapeake Bay Ferry Feasibility Study, VA

    • Multi-use Pier Business Operating Plan, Winthrop, MA

    • Waterfront Economic Development Plan, Edgartown, MA

    • Freight Ferry Terminal Business and Operating Plan, RI

    • Erie Canal Economic Development Strategy, NY

    Willard A. Burpee
    Marine Design & Engineering

    Bill Burpee has been engaged in the design, construction, operation, inspection and repair of vessels up to 600 feet for 35 years. He does pre-purchase surveys of wood, aluminum, steel and fiberglass yachts and commercial vessels. He also prepares marine risk and valuation survey reports for client insurance underwriter requirements, as well as damage reports, repair specifications and procedures, refit and repair management. Bill has been responsible for the design and construction of over 300 vessels ranging in size from 27 feet to 65 feet including ferry boats, water taxies, dive boats, glassbottom, excursion and tour boats, commercial fishing boats, patrol boats, two boats, sport fishermen, trawler yachts and motorsailers. He does the conversion of yachts and commercial vessels to USCG certified passenger vessels. Bill designs and constructs the plugs and molds for reinforced fiberglass construction and is a consultant on a wide range of projects for new vessel design, construction, major repairs and refits.

    Barry M. Goodman
    Mr. Goodman’s career includes serving as Executive Director of the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO); developing the first METRO Regional Transit Plan based on technical analysis, public attitudes, and public input meetings; and serving as Senior Legal Counsel for the Urban Mass Transportation Administration in Washington, D.C. He is also registered with the State of California Bar, the District of Columbia Bar, and the Supreme Court. He is a member of the Transportation Research Board, the National Academy of Arts and Sciences Board, and the American Public Transit Association.

    Bruce B. Wilson
    Senior Transit Advisor
    Water Taxi, Inc.

    The College of Arts & Sciences at the University of California was a place for me to explore several majors and careers while preparing for three years of active duty with the U.S. Navy.  A course in Urban Sociology during my Senior Year introduced me to the subject matter of Urban Planning, which I returned to after my tour of active duty with the USS Ulvert M. Moore (DE - 442) and the Commander Alaskan Sea Frontier. I was attracted to the Master of Urban Planning program at the University of Washington because of the interdisciplinary curriculum and the guidance of Civil Engineering Professor Ed Horwood, who became my mentor and got me started in a very fascinating career called transportation planning. My first job upon graduation was with the City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, where I had a chance to participate in all phases of the Providence-Pawtucket Traffic Study. This experience, in turn, prepared me for the opportunity to become the first Urban Planner hired by the Wisconsin Highway Commission. When the Highway Commission was taken under the umbrella of the new Wisconsin Department of Transportation, my responsibilities broadened and increased to include participation in major urban and regional transportation studies and eventually joining the team, which prepared the first State Transportation Policy Plan. When I was hired by the Broward County Administrator to be the first Transportation Planning Director, I immediately became engulfed in "catch-up" urban transportation planning for a County, which was growing at the rate of 25,000 persons per year. I recruited and managed a diverse staff of 32 planners, engineers and support staff for the conduct of transportation systems, urban transit and short range/congestion management studies, including several regional initiatives. When I retired on January 4, 2003, the basic grid of highway facilities was in place, new modes of urban transit were coming on line and we had been selected as the model for proto-type congestion management planning in the State of Florida. My brief retirement was interrupted by a phone call from Bob Bekoff, President of Water Taxi, Inc.

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